IPL Automatic Hair Removal Device

IPL Automatic Hair Removal Device - Beauty Slake

IPL Automatic Hair Removal Device

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Enjoy going out with your friends and feeling confident with NO unwanted hair on your legs using the No1 rated 100% safe IPL laser. 

Are you fed up dealing with those unwanted hairs? 

Now you can leave the house feeling flawless with smooth and soft skin and 100% confident.


The laser is 100% safe and is certified with FCC, CE & RoHS Certifications.

The IPL Handheld utilises a gentle but powerful clinical-grade technology that makes it completely safe to use even on sensitive skin. It is less painful than other hair removal methods that cause irritation, razor burn, or ingrown hairs.

Threat your whole body in less than 30 minutes.



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Why feel unattractive when you don't have to?


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This looks great!

Emma Morris

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Michelle Foster